H1, H4 and H4 EAD Extensions at same time

Hi , My H1B and my wife’s H4 and H4 EAD are expiring this November. So this May I am planning to apply for extensions. I am also planning to apply my H1B in premium processing.

  1. Can I apply all 3 applications at the same time (is this the best method or should I apply H4 EAD extension after H1 and H4 extensions are approved) ?

  2. if we are applying all 3 apps at the same time , what should I mention in i-765 29th question (where we need to enter the receipt number of H1B most recent I 797)

  3. I don’t know how much time it will take for the H4 extensions to get processed , if H4 extension is in still pending status when the EAD expires then should my wife stop working ? or is she still eligible to work because we already filed for H4 EAD extension ?

Please clarify the questions above , thank you for your help.

Ideally you should apply all three at the same time.

You can provide the current I-797 # and in Part 6 additional information can explain that H1B extension of status is being applied with the EAD application.

You can file just the H1B in premium processing. Once approved, your spouse can visit CBP at Mexico or Canada border in October and get H4 I-94 extended using primary H1B I-797. Once the I-94 is extended, download the I-94 and apply for H4 EAD. This will give auto-extension for H4 EAD for 180 days from the expiry and your spouse can keep working after the EAD expires in November. Hopefully the EAD will be approved before the 180 days of auto-extension expires.

Hi ,thank you very much for answering all my questions, in the 3rd answer you mentioned that my wife can goto canada or mexico border for new i94 right ? This happenes only if her H4 extension is approved right ?

What if H4 extension is approved in December ? If she files for H4 EAD will she gets the automatic extension?

Can she travel to other country while her H4 extension or H4 EAD is in processing state?

No. You don’t need approval of extension of status to extend the I-94. Did you read the above articles?

Yes, provided she has a valid H4 visa to enter back to the US.