H1 filed in April have a diff job and now working with another client

Saurabh. Its vsery urgent

My employer have filed my H1 in April 2013 and that time I had a project in NY and my H1 have got approverd in May 2103 and after that NY project got over and now I working with another client in PA so my question is when I will go for stamping in Dec (2013) is there any problem I will face beacuse of this ?

Do I need to file new petiton in Oct with PA job or Only new LCA is enough ?

Please provide me your valuable input. Thanks in advance

I think you need H1 amendment before you change clients.

Ofcourse during stamping time you need client letter, LCA and amended H1.

You have to be specially careful in EVC model

How I can do my H1 amendment ? for that Do I need to file new petiton or what is the procesure I should have to follow to get my H1 amendment.

My H1 is going to start from 1st Oct and recently I have changed my project with diffrent client and I am going to visit India in december How I can amend my H1 petition ? When I can send amended petition to USCIS I mean do I need to wait till Oct 2103 or I can send it now ? What are the chances to get approved or rejection ?
Please let me know your valuable input. Thanks

Saurabh - Please provide me your valuable input.
I am a contractor my employer applied H1B in 2013 when i was working with some ABC client and I got my H1B approved for 3 years and H1B going to start from 1st Oct 2013, then i got a new job with some other XYZ client in June 2013, so if my employer updated my LCA with the new client and he said amended H1B may not be necessary, so from June 2013 (after updating the LCA) i am working with the XYZ client, Do i need to apply for amended H1B even after updating the LCA with the new location information ?
Employer is the same but client is different

Do you think it will be a problem… as my H1B was approved when i was with the client ABC and now i am working with the XYZ client…

Now i am planning to attend VISA interview in India so, before attending i need your valuable information and suggestion

Thanks in advance…

Please replay me with your valuable input

Earlier, just a new LCA was sufficient. However, off late, they ask for LCA + H-1 amendment whenever underlying LCA changes.

So in my opinion, you should get H-1 amendment as well. It is up to your employer whether to file it or not.