H1 filed, Got reciept can I file for my wife's H4


My employer filed for my Change of state from F1 to H1B visa and recieved the I797 - C, that is the reciept for H1b application. Can I file for my wife’s H4 visa now, based on the receipt I797 C.

If yes, then when can she travel to US?

I want to see if there is any other option for my wife to enter US rather than waiting till October 2012. My F1 visa expires on June 30 2012.

You need to get a H1B Approval notice to apply for H4 visa. Just recipt notice is not sufficient.

It should be similar to H1B Visa entry requirements. She can travel about 10 days before the start date listed on approved petition.

Read this : http://redbus2us.com/h1b-approved-–-when-to-apply-for-visa-stamping-when-can-you-enter-usa/

Well, she can apply for F2 dependent visa…If you are on valid OPT and maintaining status in US, you can apply for that.