H1 Extension while h1 transfer is in progress

Dear Friends

I got an offer from Company A, They are intitiating the transfer for me.

I have a problem here , I haven’t applied extension with the current company, planning I would do that with the new company. Somehow the offer letter got delayed and now I have less than two months to perform both transfer and extension with the new company.

My H1 B exprires on 10 Aug 2016, company A has started the tranfer. They are going through regular process. They are starting with LCA which would take 2-3 weeks , then they would apply for H1 Transfer. This process itself my take up all the time that is left.

Even If they go with premium with Company, if in unfortunate case the premium is not approved with 15 days, I would be in same situation.

My Query is it possible to apply for extension from Company A even though the H1 Transfer is in progress.

The option of getting the extension from the current company will delay my joing date further if this is not done in premium and the process may take more than 30 days for filing with the current company where I need to take all the approvals for extension.

Request to please advice if anyone was in same situation.

Yes, extension can be applied while transfer is in progress. In case both are approved, you can decide either to stick w/ current employer or move to the new one.