H1 expiring Nov2020, H4 EAD filed July2020, Perm stage in recruitment - what are my options, if any?


My H1b 6 years expire in November 11 2020.

My Employer has started Perm Process, currently in recruitment review state, planning to file Perm application soon

Spouse has i140 approved - H4 visa and H4 EAD filed on July 1 2020 as backup on employer’s lawyer suggestion

  1. Perm application is still not filed, it can take upto 5-6 months just to get labor certification. and then a few weeks after that to get i140 approved in premium processing. H1b extension can only be applied if perm application was filed 365 days before the h1b expires.

  2. H4 and H4 EAD current wait times on the USCIS site is showing 9.5-12 months.

What are my options? Realistically it looks like I might be losing my job