H1 Dropbox Attendance @ New Delhi

Can someone else appear for an h1b visa Dropbox? Is it mandatory for the applicant to appear for Dropbox? can my spouse go on my behalf with the authorized documents and all. Please let me know.

@Neelima_Ediga I am also in same situation. Have you got any information on your situation?
I have scheduled for both me and my wife. I am looking if only I can travel and submit both our documents. As there is no biometrics I think it is possible but want to be sure before making decision.

Did you both get an answer to this question?

No i haven’t gotten any answer.


In the official website answer to this question is yes.

@sylph thanks that clears things. In fact the appointment confirmation instructions also did mention that I need not attend in person and a representative can also submit on behalf. So in that sense I can act as representative for my wife.