H1 cap gap while stamping in canada do we need to show I-20

My opt expired on 23 may and my H1-b was approved on june 9. So I am on cap gap. I have not applied for a cap gap I20 from the school. I am planning to go to canada to get my H! visa stamped. Is the I-20 needed for this? Do I have to apply for a new I-20 from my school?

Talk to your DSO about it and hope they can help you.

but to continue employment till oct1, getting a cap-gap I-20 is not a compulsion, right?


You need to have a cap-gap I-20 otherwise you would run out of status. H1 authorizes your work only from Oct 1st 2013 (Chk out Ques 2 in the link). So talk to your school DSO soon to get things clarified.