H1 CAP-2020 Master

Currently, I am on OPT visa and I changed my employer on 2nd April 2019 my current and my previous employer both filled my H1b this year, I noticed my SEVP portal got updated on 7th May and my DSO confirmed about my H1b got picked.

My current employer didn’t received any receipt yet.

My previous employer sent me a withdrawal notice on 17th May.

Is that mean my H1b got picked by my previous employer? Any suggestions.

It is hard to tell as you say both filed…You need to really check with both of them and get the receipt notices from them. Based on that you can verify, if the COS status in SEVIS reflect the same. If you tally the H1B case number in SEVIS with the H1B receipt number from employer, then you would know, whose got picked and in COS pending status…