H1 b Waitlist / change of employer

Hi Kumar, I am on my CPT worked as a Full-time employee. My company has filed my H1 B but the it did not got picked and status as “Cap-Waitlist”. Due to covid I got laid off from that company but they re-hired me as an contractor through a different employer.

What will happen to my H1B which is in waitlist ?. can that be put on hold ?. My chances of working for same company who filed my H1 are high in next 3 months.

Please let know what are the best options I have.

Thanks in advance !

Waitlist means nothing at this point…only, if there is a second round…No one knows at this point.
If you are on Day 1 CPT, talk to an attorney, it can be very risky, if you are not doing it properly.