H1-B VISA Validity question

My Entry to US was on 9th Feb 2014.My Initial VISA validity was from 1st Oct 2012 to 31st Sep 2015.My H1B VISA which is extended and approved now is valid till 31st Sep 2018.As per H1-B VISA regulation we are allowed to stay maximum of 6 years only.I will complete 4.5 years on 31st Sep 2018.Can I get my H1-B VISA extended before it expires on 31st Sep 2018 ?Can I get my H1b Visa and I94 extended for another 2 years after 31st Sep 2018 ?How much maximum time can I get my H1-B VISA and I94 extended after 31st Sep 2018 ?What is the process for getting it extended ?

You don’t need to worry on this leftout period. any time when you file for extension, it can be approved for a max. of 3yrs period. That’s why its approved till 31st Sep 2018. Before 31st sep, 2018 you can apply for the extension, it would be approved for the left out period in 6yrs. For applying the extension, again its a regular process to apply.

Thanks JathinB for the quick response