H1 B Visa trasfer with a staffing company


I am here on H1 B Working for a Company as a full time employee, I got a long time project on contract to hire from a staffing and resoucing company and they are going to take care of my H1 Transfer and intiate Green Card Processing after 6 months. The question i have is that if I go to India for a vacation, I need to go for a visa stamping. What I heard that if the H1 sponsorig company is staffing and recruiting compnay, there are very high chances for the visa stamoing to be rejected. Is that correct? please advise. Thanks in advance.



Yes, these firms carry higher risk of running into issues. A lot of it comes down to the financial stability of the firm. If its a big employer then chances of stamping issues are less. But for small consulting companies, the risk is higher.

Will you be working in EC or EVC model?

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