H1-b visa stamping with incomplete master's degree


I need to travel to India in some time and I will need a H1-B visa stamp on my passport to return to the US.

My issue is that I was not able to complete my masters because I was not able to finish my thesis. At the last semester of my master’s studies (Apr-2013), I got a full time offer from a large MNC (which is my current job) and the job is in the field of my studies (Bachelor of engineering from India and intended Master’s degree from an accredited college in the US) I opted for a post completion OPT (with the deferred thesis defense within 12 months since my university provided proof that I had completed all the coursework requirements except finishing up with my thesis which I fully intended to do at the time) -This is an option available to the a master’s students taking up Thesis option and only has thesis requirements to finish up with and a STEM extension is not granted if the student does not finish his/her Thesis within 12 months.

My employer also petitioned for an H1-B on the basis of my bachelor’s degree and I did receive an H1-B just two months into my OPT and the change of Status occurred from F-1 to H1-B in Oct-2013. Unfortunately my adviser was very displeased and wanted me back on campus as he had more “ideas” to include in my thesis and wanted me to put in full time effort to work on the new “ideas”. Without any funding offered by the adviser, and complications in switching back to F-1, I chose to stick to my job since my status as per H1-B rules, depended on my employer and my ability to maintain full time employment.

Fast forward 2.5 years, I finally saved up enough money to take up and replace my Thesis credits with online coursework credits which I’m hoping to get done by the coming December. Also, my H1-B visa extension just got approved for next three years.

Just as an FYI: I have pursued all my masters course credits from the same accredited university, never have been out of status and never used CPT.

Hence, could anyone suggest/comment/discuss with me if/what are the potential risks in getting my H1-B visa stamped?

Thank you in advance for your time and patience with my query.

Hi , Did you get any guidance on your question ? I am in a similar situation and would like to know what happened in your case