H1-B Visa Expiring in Dec-2013, Can I travel to USA from India after that

I was in USA on H1-B for which I got extension till [b]Dec-2013[/b].

But I came back in India in [b]Nov-2012[/b] and to stay in India for at least one year. 


My question is, Can I Travel to USA again after [b]dec-2013[/b] on the H1-B Visa (which is getting expired in [b]Dec-2013[/b])..


Do I need to make any provisions in advance to do this?
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You need to apply for an extension, get it approved and have the visa stamped in your passport to travel after Dec 2013.

as my compnay is not going to send me before dec2013, they are not going to extend it before dec 2013.

Can i put extension request after dec 2013 ?

As you are outside US, they can file for extension even after the petition has expired in Dec 2013.