H1 B visa expired on Sep 30,2015. Not traveled on that visa. Can i renewal now.

H1 B visa expired on Sep 30,2015. I have not traveled anytime on that visa. I heard that if visa expires without travelling at least once, we need to renewal within 6 months of time, otherwise we need to go for Lottery system again. is it true? .

From this blog, i came to know that, we need not go for Lottery system for 6 years, but we need to attend the interview like others when go for the renewal.

Please help me which one is correct?

The blog information is correct. There are recent experience shared where people were able to successfully do this.

Here is one such instance posted recently: http://redbus2us.com/qa/41693/h1b-application-revoke-has-cap-exempt

i am on the same boat as you. I have spoken to a few guys on the similar case and they had a successful petition for cap-exempt h1b application. please shoot me a text at 774-314-7784 to discuss more -Aditya