H1 B Visa clarification waiting for approval


My case got selected in the lottery. But till date I had not received the approved petition. It’s still showing in initial review. I had not opted for premium processing.

Just need to get the following clarification on the H1 visa:

  1. By Default whichever case got selected in lottery will get the petition approved by 30th September.

2.Can I start working on H1 from October 1 2013 even if I don’t get the petition approved? Or do I need to wait till I get the approved petition.

  1. Can I change the case to Premium processing at any point of time? How much time and cost will it involve to do so?

1.By Default it is not Approved by 30th September, that is not the case

  1. Your cannot Start working until your Petition is Approved and You have Stamping

  2. You can Change to Premium processing, Wait for a While Your Status will change Soon either to RFE or Approval, If you get RFE then you can Update to Premium procesing while you respond for RFE. Cost i think it around $2000

One correction - cost is $1225.00