H1-B Transfer - Job Title Change and Travel to India questions

I am on an H1B visa extension valid till Oct 2017. I have found an employer who is willing to transfer my H1b. I have the following questions:

  1. Is there a relation between my job title on my current visa and the new job title being offered to me? For e.g. if I am a IT Business Analyst, can my H1B transfer state that my new position is going to be Senior Project Manager?

  2. Provided I get an approval for the H1b transfer, what is the earliest I can travel to India without it being an issue for my return to the US? Basically would there be an issue during my H1B stamping interview with respect to my job change or me travelling soon after change of employers? {my H1b was originally approved in Oct 2012 till March 2015 and stamped in Jan 2013. I travelled to the US in March 2013 and my extension was approved in Dec 2014. I have not had any RFE’s previously}.

Appreciate your responses.

  1. As long as you are qualified for the new position, you should be fine

  2. Your visa stamp has expired and anytime you travel now, you will have to appear for visa stamping. Change of employers will not impact the outcome of stamping and you will still be evaluated against the new “transferred” petition.

Thanks for the response. My prospective employer is doing H1B processing for the first time which is why I wanted to check if taking a vacation would result in me facing a problem during my visa interview.