H1 B transfer before atsrting the initial job.

Hi, I have a question. I was on H4 and applied for H1b for 2014. The application got approved. I live in CA and my H1 has been approved from IL… Now I have another job offer from an employer in CA. So my question is if I can apply for an H1B transfer without working for the initial H1B. Is it legal to do so.

And one more question…Can I apply for a Social security number now ( my start date is october 1st )…so will they give me Social security number based on my approval right away or do I have to wait till October for that.

Any responses will be appreciated

You can initiate transfer. It is legal.

You can apply for SSN as Not authorized to work right?

Hi Lionking…thanks for the reply.
For the SSN question…here is what I need to know…my petition for H1b has been approved but the start date is Oct 1st. So what I am asking is if I can apply for a SSN ( that is authorised to work) right now with the approved H1b, but I start working only on October.

I think SSN doesn’t require an employment proof. Your new I-94 should be good enough for applying. Call the SSA office in you area and confirm this.