H1 B Transfer and Stamping on New firm


My H1B with firm A is effective since Oct 2012, I got an offer from firm B and the visa transfer is approved. I am going to India immidiately after resigning from firm A and want to get a stamp over the new approved H1B from firm B.

Now my [b]joining date with firm B is after my arrival back to US.[/b] Is it advisable to get stamp on firm A or firm B. The firm A visa petition will be nullified immidately when I resign and leave US and I have to rely on firm B approved  I 797.

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I would suggest firm B. In the interview, they will ask about your employer and job.

You cannot go w/ A as you would have resigned from them. So get the petition approved through B and then go for visa stamping.

Hi Alok,

I am in the same situation as yours. Actually I will have to travel after I complete with new employer.

Can you please tell me what did you answer when they asked “Duration with current employer?”. Does small duration with current employer create issue in stamping?

Appreciate you reply.