H1 B tranfer got RFV on lately filed uscis looking for strong reason

Please help!!! I work for employer A under the approved H1B. But, my employer said that my last day will be June 27 and on July 14th they revoked my H1B without informing me. Now I have new employer B who will file for my transfer of H1B.New employer is applied on July 29th So, I might have a fews days gap between filing of new H1B by employer B and revocation of existing by employer A. I know that once H1B is revoked (job is terminated) I have to leave the country and that there is no grace period. However, I heard that lately transfer will be granted if filed with little gap. My attorney says I should be fine. What are my chanses to get the approval and the extension of stay?Now USCIS gave RFE on Late filing.uscis expecting reason from me why i applied late. Please advise! Thanks

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