H1 B to H4 and H4 EAD Application

Hello Everyone,

My current status is H1B which is valid until Sep 2021. I got laid off due to Covide-19 in the month of July and my 60 day grace period is ending on Sept 8th. I already sent the application for H1 to H4 COS and H4 EAD on 9/4/2020. USCIS received my application on 9/5/2020. I just realized that USCIS updated the I765 application on Aug 25, 2020. I downloaded the I765 application on Aug 24th and I used the same.

  1. Will USCIS rejects my I-765 application as I used the older version?

  2. I send both I-539 for COS and I-765 together. If USCIS rejects my I-765, will they reject my I-539 too?

  3. Can I send the new I-765 form to USCIS now?

I really appreciate your input

  1. yes, they may…
  2. Well, they may or may not reject I-539.
  3. yes, you can.

Put in a request letter and send the new set of documents again, you should be fine. Call USCIS as well and get clarification.

Thank you Kumar. Do I need to send only I765 ? or I539 too