H1 B status still showing as case recieved_Vermont center..

Is there anyone whose case received status still showing from month of May…I don’t know why it is taking so long as my status is still showing as case received.H1 B starts working from Oct 1st but it s almost mid of September no update on change of status to getting approved…has any one in the same boat…???

I am also in same situation. My case was received on Apr’13 and there is no update on my application since then.

My RFE case was received on 21st August and its in same status as if now. Its from Vermont center. what I came to know from my immigration team is that normally they should reply you by 1st October. so only thing you can do is be patient

I would not worry too much. There really isn’t anything to do but wait. They are slow because of the large number of applications and the new H4 rules. Of course you could upgrade to premium or even ask your employer to.