H1 B Stamping through Desi consultancy

Hi Friends,

I came to USA on H1B visa 3.5 years back from one of the indian IT companies, I left my indian IT company 8 months back as they did not have further projects for me and joined a job through a desi consultancy in USA. So I’m working on this model currently. 1) Employer (Desi IT Consultancy) 2) Vendor 3) Client

I’m going to india next week and need to go to visa stamping. I have got all the documentations from employer, vendor and client.

I wanted to ask what kind of questions I can expect in the visa stamping as my employer has changed to desi IT consultancy. Has anyone has similar experience as mine for the visa interview.

Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi, any luck on this? I am on the same scenario and traveling to India this month to get my H1 stamped. @Sourabh - please clarify.