H1 B Stamping Lost I-797 Paper What are the options to get it back?

Hi Team,

I was in US 2008, Now I am in India I Left US in 2009. My H1B got Expired in September 2010. I am interested to renew my H1 B, but my current company is requesting to provide me previous I-797 Paper but, I lost this paper even I verified for Photocopy I could not find any in mails and my documents. can you please tell me what are the steps I have to get my I-797. I have my Receipt number and Visa stamping in Passport.

Thanks in Advance.


You should talk to your company’s lawyers, but I think your new company can petition for a cap exempt H1-B for you with just your previous receipt number - they probably don’t need the I-797. If they want proof that the receipt number belongs to you, you can send them a copy of your visa stamp.

Your previous employer can get another original copy of I-797 by filing I-824 with USCIS, but I think they are unlikely to do that.

And once your new H1-B is approved, you will get a new I-797. You should keep it safely with your passport, it is an important document!


Thanks for your update.