H1 B Stamping in India post 4 months of job change


Currently I am on L1-B working with leading Indian IT company, I have applied for H1 this year -2013 with one of the Indian Consultancy, and it got selected in lottery, now there are following questions :-

  1. I dont see acceptance yet, tentatively when the H1-B petition is expected to approve? Is it like before Oct-13 they have to approve?

  2. If I get H1 by Oct or Nov-13 and I switch the company by Nov-13, and I have got one personal work in India, so will be going to India on 7-Mar-13, what all the chances of getting H1-B visa stamped in india, where still I would be working through this indian consultancy here in US? Is there any thing that if I postpone my trip to India by 3-4 months then my chances of H1 stamping with increase?

  3. Would it make sense if after getting H1, I changed my employer from Indian consultancy to some US based company (As a permanant employee), would my chances of H1 stamping in India get increased?

  1. Most of the petitions will be adjudicated before Oct, but some can take longer.

  2. Chances of approval depend upon your documents and information. There is no concrete answer to this question.

  3. Yes, they are better when you are going through a renowned employer than w/ a desi consulting company.