H1-B Stamping in India or Canada based on I-140 approval?

I recently got the approval for a 3 year H1-B extension based on my I-140 approval. The current H1-B visa stamping on my passport has expired and since I am planning an India trip later this year, I have been receiving conflicting opinions from my desi colleagues. Some have suggested that I get the stamping done in Canada stating that H1-B stamping in India is a complicated and long drawn process. Others are of the opinion that H1-B stamping in India should be quite safe since I have the I-140 approval. My wife would also be getting her H1-B visa stamping along with me.

Background: We both work as consultants - my client is a Government agency (3 years plus) while she works for a Fortune 100 client (almost 2 years).

The question I have to ask of you gurus is what is a safer alternative - India or Canada? Any guidance in this regards would be most appreciated.




It is much safer to go to CA than IN when this is not your first visa stamping. Although it may little more expensive but chances of approval are higher when going to CA under these conditions.

Having said that, you should also have a contingency plan in case you or your wife’s H-1 runs into issues and 221g is issued. You will have to stay back in CA or go to IN and get visa stamping there in this case.