H1 B Stamping for new employer


My H1 Visa expired on Sep 16 2010 and I got the extension until Sep 2013. Now I changed my employer (American company) and got the transfer until March 2015.

I joined my new employer on May 3rd week.

I am planning to travel to India on this August end for a month. So I need to go to the consulate for Visa Stamping.

When I go for stamping, it will be like I completed 3 months with my new employer. Is that sufficient to get the visa stamping without any problem?

My friends told me to stay with new employer for atleast 6 months and then travel.

I am confused on my travel now. Please suggest me.


There is no such thing as “safe time”. People who have not worked for their employer for a single day can get their visa approved, while others who have worked for several years can run into issues.

It comes down to your documents and information. As long as that is good, you should be fine.

Thanks Saurabh.