H1-B RFE they asked end-client letter which is not possible to get


I got an RFE on june12th(2013) and they asked the following questions.

  1. End-client letter

  2. SOW

  3. Contract

4.Offer letter

  1. Appraisal letter

  2. Organisation chart.

I provided all the documents except end-client letter. Clients are not ready to give. Instead of client letter i submiited BRM letter.

Will it get approved?

I remember one case where it got approved after submitting BRM letter in lieu of client letter. It may work in similar way in your case, but it is officer’s discretion.

Hi Jayaindu,

Can you please let me know what job title you have put in End client letter and organisation chart. Is it same as what you put in PRD document ?
Please mail me @ "rajeevujain@gmail.com".

Thanks in advance,
Rajeev Jain

Hi Jayaindu,

My case is same as yours.I am also not able to give end-client letter,so I also need to give BRM letter.Have you got any response after submitting your RFE docs?I need a sample of BRM letter.Can you send it to mou.pinki@gmail.com

Thanks in advance,

Hi Jayaindu,

I require a sample BRM letter .

Can you please send it to my email id: akadam7454@gmail.com

Was your case approved? with SOW but without client letter?