H1-B RFE In-response Documents


Yesterday I've received RFE on my H1-B Petition and the documents were asked mentioned below:


1. We need I-797 (L-1 Approvals), I-94s, and/or passport entry stamps for your L-1 stay during the following dates:


       > L1-B | Entry: August – 29 – 2008 | Exit: September – 28 – 2008

       > L1-B | Entry: August – 11 – 2009 | Exit: July – 10 - 2010


on this due to continuous shifting of my residences, I've misplaced the I-797 Petition of my L1-B which was through my previous organization but I did send below document to my attorney:-


       > the visa and Immigration stamp copy 

       > my SSN, I-94

       > Some Payslips during my stay on L1-B

       > W2 Forms including Income Tax Returns of 2009 -2010.


So, will all these documents be enough while responding this RFE or I-797 needs to be provided?


I'm bit confused on parallel I did send an email to my previous organization to provide me a scan copy of I-797 petition if they have...but I'm not sure.