H1-B RFE Extension - Emergency Travel abroad


Me and My wife have H1b which was expired in May’19. We both applied for extension. My extension is approved but my wife extension got RFE. So now we are applying for RFE. But we have to travel back for India for emergency visit. So what is next step ? can we travel to India on certain amendment or any clause? If we travel to India what will happen to her RFE for H1b extension? Her I94 is also expired.
Can we also apply for H4 now ? or she has to wait until her H1b extension result.

Well, She does not have to wait for her H1B result, she can apply for H4 for sure in India based on your H1B approval.
Now, regarding her H1B, it will be continued to be processed…but, again you would need to apply for Change of Status, once she arrives in US on H4.

Thanks Kumar. So her H1b extension will not get rejected since she will not be in US ? And what is change of status ?
Also, she can travel back to US on h4 while her h1 results are yet to come ??