H1 B RFE 2015-***CRITICAL***

USCIS is requesting additional evidence to demonstrate that a valid employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary exists for the duration of the H-1B validity period

•        Valid and Signed SOW ***CRITICAL***  
•        Milestone Plans  
•        Purchase Orders  
•        Invoices/Payment Advices  
•        Organizational Chart for the U.S. project showing the associate's Company reporting hierarchy  
•        Associate's Offer Letter and Terms of Employment, Benefits Summary, and any Promotion or Salary Letters  
•        Full U.S. contact information and email address for the associate's supervisor at the U.S. project location  


Please some one help me/

Thanks in advance.

Talk to ur employer/attorney. they muct be able to provide and its necessary to provide for further processing

hi RaNa,

Do u hav any idea abt 'Milestone Plans '??

SOW/itinerary must have it. It just the nature and length of project

Hi , I also got the same . please share me your sample bro atleast for milestone plan , purchase order , invoice or payment advices