H1 B raised for one client and travel through other client

My organisation have raised H1 B Visa for X client ( which is not communicated to client X).

1 year Petition is valid from 2 Nov 2012 to 2 Nov 2013

I would like to know if I go and submit the DS 160 form and get the stamping done.

But later on if I have to travel for some other client Y,

  1. What is the process for changing the client?
  2. Will there any cases seen in which US consulate will verify any details with client X?
  3. Is any guideline/policy documented.Please share the same.
  1. Employer needs to file new LCA and then H-1 amendment

  2. Yes, they can check w/ X if you are really going to work for them there in US

  3. Guideline/policy for what?