H1-B premium transfer from India for a different company than original


I am in India and have a H1-B visa which got expired in april 2015. I have resigned for my initial company through which I got the visa. Now I am planning to join different company in US and would like to do premium transfer of my expired visa from India?

Can we do premium transfer from India? How long it might take? My company wants me to travel in 2-3 weeks.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Doesnt matter where you are during the transfer. But how are you going to transfer if your visa is expired? Also its not clear from your question but you might need to get it stamped before you come in.


Visa can be transferred even when its expired and stamping is required to enter USA. My main concern is that, I want to know if there is a premium renewal from India

Oh you mean the stamp is expired. Yup you can go with premium from wherever you are.