H1 B Premium; status - decision


I have my H1 B Visa filed with USCIS on 18th Apr 2012 (Premium) … and I received the reference for the same. when checked the status of my visa in USCIS site it is showing as 'Decision" Let me know till how many days it will take for further processing, what is this decision means and when can i expect my Visa Interview to happen.

Thanks in advance.

If you have applied on 18th April then probably your employer already has the decision letter .
For a premium processing USCIS ajudicates the petition within 15days.

Check with your employer .

Currently, the status of my Visa is showing as -
On September 11, 2012, we mailed a filing fee refund invitation. Please follow the instructions on the notice

Not sure what does this mean… Also, let me know how long it take further processing.