H1 B petition still in RFE even after 60 days from RFE docs submittion

Hi ,

My employer filed my H1 on April 2012 last week, received RFE in month of May 2012(last week) and my employer responded with required docs on July 26 2012. I've been waiting for more than 60 days now, and still see that my status in RFE response review status.

Can you guys help me to understand what is the ETA for getting a decesion on my H1 petition, as it says I will get to know the status in 60 days. Is it possible for the USCIS to hold my application for more than 60 days like for say 6 months or so.

Secondly, is it a good idea to go for premium processing and will there be any negetive impact on the decesion process.?

I gone through the statistics of the Vermont Service Center location and looks like they take 3.9 months for a H1 petition. Not sure if it meant for RFE alone, but it says 3.9 monhts. Can anyone shed more light on this.? 



Appreciate your help.!




Please help me.!!



Hi Sirish,

You should go for a premium Processing.Your query will be resolved quickly in RFE.There will be no negetive impact.

Dear Sirish,

I have apllied for H1B for fiscal year 2014 and my petition got RFE two days back same as yours in May. Can you please explain the RFE process and the outcome of your petition. Will be more helpful