H1 B petition approved last year, valid for 1 year but never went for stamping, what is the percentage for re-approval?

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I am currently in India and my H1 B petition got approved last year (2014) which was valid for one year . However, due to no opportunity at client , I never went for stamping and the petition expired in August 2015. Now, my company has applied for extension renewal, what is the percentage for re-approval and how long does it take ? I do not even know the receipt number.



Chances of approval can be any number b/w 0 and 100. It depends upon your case documents and information submitted.

Thanks for the input. My petition is approved.

Hi Saurabh,
I want to share my visa experience, please let me know how can I get into that blog.

Congrats on the approval.

You can share it here: http://redbus2us.com/share-your-experience/

Just add a line that you talked with Saurabh and I will get in touch with Kumar to publish it.

I posted my experience on the above link you provided but forgot to mention the line you asked for “Just add a line that you talked with Saurabh”.
Can you please check with Kumar.

No worries. I will follow-up w/ him.