H1 B Maximum stay in India 9 months any issue POE back to usa

Hi iam health care professional working in USA since 8 years i came to india last year july 21 and iam still in india due to family medical issues i have H1 B till 2024 and i got stamped my visa 2021 sep will have any problem while back to USA any issue POE ,my employer still offers job for me at location iam in India since 9 months anyone encountered this situation
Appreciate for ressponse

Just carry all the H1B related documents like current/valid I-797, employment verification/offer letter (stating the job role, duties, location and salary) copy of complete H1B (1-29) petition, passport & valid visa.
If asked about the long absence, you can state the truth and tell them your employer gave you leave of absence, not to worry. I am assuming your employer didn’t run your payroll on the US for the time you were in India.

Thankyou kalpesh for your valuable response