H1-B Interview waiver application for an existing appointment


I have scheduled my H1-B stamping fingerprints and interview for March 14th/15th. I scheduled the slot before the waiver was announced. This is going to be my first time H1-B stamping.

How do I go about applying for the interview waiver ? Do I cancel my existing appointment and start fresh on the cgi site ? Do I contact the embassy (Mumbai) and ask them for an application waiver ? I was not able to find any information regarding this.

And also, if at all I do get the waiver what about fingerprints ?

Thanks! Any info would be much appreciated!

Did you check if you qualify for IW?

If you mean by the four eligibility criteria that USCIS provided, then yes going by those.

But how does one go applying for it ? Or change an existing appointment ?

My understanding is that you will need to cancel and do a new appointment which will walk you through a set of questionnaire based on which the system will book dropbox if you qualify.

Call VFS and double check with them.


Yes will do that. thanks for sharing the link, appreciate it!