H1-B extension in progress. Travel to India


My H1-B extension + amendment (LCA change) is filed. I got my apporved LCA and by this week or next week, I will have my H1-B extension receipt notice. I have to travel India during the month of January 2018 and below are my queries :

  1. For some reason, if premimum processing is not done & I don’t get the apporved petition. Will there be any issue moving out of US ? I know i can’t come back, but any issue in moving out.

  2. If I move out, will my H1-B extension will still be in process or it will get terminated.

  3. For moving out of US, I will have to make a domestic flight travel (Jacksonville, FL to Dallas,TX). That time I won’t be having US ID proof (Drving Licesne expired and Visa expired too, just the receipt notice). Will there be any issue.

Please help !!!