H1 B Drop Box Questions

I have mistakenly put my wife as “is dependent” = true in the appointment I have requested. She has her own H1.

I wanted to delink her profile from my application but looks like that is not possible.

  1. I had a dropbox appointment - but when I click on reschedule - it is taking me to biometrics ofc and interview appointments. Could you please help me understand why. I dont see drop box appointment anymore.

  2. My wife’s reciept number in my appoint confirmation page has vanished.

For your reference My full name is venkata naveen sunkara and passport number is W2921395.

  1. My wife is current linked as “is dependent = true” but she is on her own H1 and not my H4.
    a.) is she permitted to apply for h1 visa stamping in drop box as a member of my dependent group?
    b.) I may not be able to make it to the appointment because of scheduling issues. can my wife still go ahead and drop only her application for h1 in the group and my slot, i assume will be no show and cancelled ?

  2. In a different scenario, can me and my son who is my h4 dependent apply for drop box appointment as a group?