H1-B Cap Exemption


Thanks in advance for helping me to understand on this question.

I have traveled to US on H1B during June 2000, returned back in July 2001 joined some other company. Later travelled back to US once again on L1A Visa from this new company stayed in US till 2009. Returned to India in 2012. Now I would like to go back to US from other company who is ready to process my H1B. My question is , Is my old H1B can considered for H1-B cap exemption as I didn’t use it’s complete tenure ? Please help me to understand the timelines for this H1-B cap exemption.



Looks like you have stayed for a long time in US. If you have stayed for more than 6 years on H-1 and L-1 combined, then you have to go through a new petition. It will be subject to lottery and will not be cap-exempted.