H1-B Cap Exempt - SOW validity, Client Letter, Academic Evaluation


My company is filing my H1-B under Cap-Exempt as I still have valid petition until 2021.


  1. Will only SOW suffice as valid document for my H1? If yes, what would be the minimum validity period on SOW?

  2. Is Client Letter mandatory?

  3. Is Academic/Qualification Evaluation mandatory document for filing? I have this document with me which was done last year by my previous company. Can we produce this instead of doing this evaluation again?

  4. My company immigration team member mentioned to me that, my previous company’s evaluated qualification/academic document is fine but he says that, Email from the evaluator is also required :-(. I don’t have this one as my previous company sent me only the Academic evaluation document.

Kindly assist me with your answers to my all above questions please.

Warm Regards,


Can anyone please provide the answer? Appreciate that.