H1-B Approved, can I delay stamping to December

Dear Redbus community,

I applied for H1-B on 1 April 2013, and my H1-B got approved recently.

But I want to be able to make few business trips to USA with my current employer. Would it be possible to extend the stamping date from July to December.

Would I need any additional documents from my employer to defend the delayed stamping of H1-B visa.

Thank you.

Hi ,

I would like to answer your question. You can attend Visa interview any time between your petition validity (till expired date). You can even skip attending VISA interview completely also.

Once you attend VISA interview and cleared it, you have to be in US by 90 days.



I agree to first part but not the latter. Once the visa has been stamped, the person is not required to travel within 90 days. They can travel anytime during the visa validity period, but should always carry more recently dated documents.

Thanks Saurabh for correcting.