H1 B and PERM

I am on my 5th year of H1 B and work as senior analyst and my employer will just be filing the PERM right before 6th year start. They are applying for a next position for me for labor. Last month, I got an opportunity within the organization with a different team for the next level but I couldn’t take it as they would have to change the entire PERM filling process and it wont be possible before the completion of 5th year.

The job profile for the next role is related to finance and I am currently in IT computers. Would this be a amendment in my H1 or can I continue to take that role? and do I need to redo the PERM processing again?

How should I be transitioning for the new role and when would be the right time( would it be after PERM is filed or after I get I-140)?

Would appreciate your thoughts on my case as it would help me plan my future. Note - I work for a big organization and its very unlikely that they would be lenient on any processes.

  1. Will require H1B amendment. Yes you need to do PERM process again since it a different job.

  2. Wait till I-140 is approved not PERM for current role. After I-140 is approved switch to finance role. This way your IT operation PERM process will not go waste.

If you still have time left in 5 year of H1B, Why don’t you take the new role and ask them to start PERM for the new role instead of starting PERM for IT operation role.

Great, thanks for the response.

My 6th year will start in June, so don’t have time to apply PERM with the finance role. I would follow the approach you have suggested on switching to the new role once I-140 is approved.

My new role will be finance projects, which is dealing with IT/business projects of finance. But my education is computers and nothing related to finance. Would the amendment be smooth since my background isn’t finance.

Also, once I move to the new role after I140 is approved, would I need to restart the PERM processing for position in that role?