H1-B and H4-Extension

Hi Saurabh and Team,

My H1-B visa is valid till Sept 2017 and I have travelled to US on 16th April. Need to apply for H1-B and H4-Extension Visas , have below queries:

By when should I apply for Extension, since I reached US recently, yet to get the SSN and payslip, so it might take arnd 1 month for this docs. I have generated I-94.Also my dependants have not travelled with me, they will be travelling in July, so can I file for their Extension now itself or will have to wait for them to come here and get their I-94 and other docs and also if you could help for their processThanks in advance.


  1. You can apply for extension as soon as you have all available documents needed as asked by your immigration attorney. You may ask them, and they provide you a list of item that they may need.

  2. Extension can be filed only if the person is already in USA. If not, you can only file, after they come over here.

Thanks ramana,

So for point no.2 ,it will not be an issue if I file my dependants extension separately say in August or early Sept?? They can stay with me right and I think no SSN will be required for them as they will not be working. Only my son will be going to school.

As their extensions will be filed later, they make take longer to process. As long as the extension is applied before your current petition expiration date, they can stay for up to 240 days on the basis of pending H-4 petitions.

You are correct - no SSN is required for them. When filing taxes, they need to get ITINs.