H1 B-6 Years Eligibility

Hi Team,

Please suggest if any of you went through Similar Situation and kindly Suggest.

  1. L1 B stay for 4 years 5 Months in USA-

  2. Returned to india in december 2014

  3. April 2015 applied for H1 B got petition approved and Visa Stamped now till March 2017

  4. if i travel to USA this year which is after 1 year outside stay of USA, even though my visa stamping is valid till march 2017, can i file for extention to get that rest of Stay out of 6 years is that posisble?



Your clock was not reset as you returned to India in Dec 2014 and your H-1 became effective in Oct 2015.

In order to get new 6 year term, you need to go through the cap again, or have green card filed and become eligible for 7th year extension.