H1 B 1-797B validity date

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I have got my visa approved and In my passport the visa stamping says the expiration date is 30 sep 2016.

The same has been Written in my I-797B as well. I have never been to US and may travel to US in future.

I have 2 Queries.

1- What will happen if I am not able to travel to US before 30 Sep 2016, Will my visa Expire and I have to Again go through the Lottey system to get it?

2- Is there any way to get the visa re stamped once again if i want to travel to US after the visa expiry date suppose 01 jan 2017.

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1- You will be cap exempt (no lottery required) but your employer will have to file H1 extn.

2- Once Step 1 is complete, you will need to go for stamping.

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Thanks a for the answer.

I just wanted to know in case they have to file for extension is there a particular period in which they have to apply for extension or at anytime?

Suppose in Dec 2016 they decided that I have to travel on Jan 31 2017 then can they apply for the extn of my H1 on Dec 2016 or they have to apply for extn before the epiry date which is 30 Sep 2016.

Once again I have to go for stamping means I have to carry all the documents as per the new LCA and go to the US counsulate for stamping.

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A H-1B visa extension can be filed 6 months in advance of the expiry date of the current H-1B visa.

You have to go for stamping but not necessarily appear in person for interview. There is a waiver program - http://mumbai.usconsulate.gov/iwp2.html.


Thanks for the prompt reply.
I got my H1B VISA stamped on 1 March 2016 only. So I have to apply for H-1B extension from 1st April 2016 to 30 Sep 2016 . Because I have some family issues and may not travel to USA before 30 Sep 2016.

What happens if I don’t apply for a extension before that?
IS there any provision to apply for H1B Visa extension after it expires?
Once it expires do I have to go through Lottery again to get H1B Visa?
What are the consequences I have to face later if this happens?
Can you please let me know if there is any US website where we can actually find these details?