H1 approved with I797B


Currently I am in USA, I received the H1 approval notice with I-797B, I am working on CPT right now which is expires on Sep 28, 2014. My questions are:

  1. If I don’t want to go for stamping in my home country, Can I apply for change of status within USA, and if yes than how much time will it take?

  2. My birthdate is incorrect in I797B, does it going to affect my stamping process and how can I correct it & how much time will it take?

  3. What are my chances to get stamped in 1st attempt?

  4. They have mentioned Mumbai consulate in I797B, while chennai is more convenient option for me, so can I go to chennai instead of mumbai for stamping?

Plz help…

Thank you :slight_smile: