H1 approved Premium process email consular notified : Hyd means no I 94 for sure

December 2 2016 my case update on uscis website for H1 transfer under premium process. that my case was approved and decision is mailed Dec 8 2016 we haven’t received hard copy to determine if it was approved with I-94, reason for concern email says consulate notified (if applicable ) : hyderabad followed by I -94

I was out of status as I got laid off on Sept 29 2016 as company shut down and sent revocation letter.

If I get approval without I-94, I understand that I need to go to india get my visa stamped and get i 94 in port of entry as my previous visa is already expired.

my another concern about questions from VO in consulate about my out of status period?

If any one gone through similar situation please let me know how did it go with you


H1 concern