H1 Approved for 1 Year. Should I travel or should I not?

Hi Saurabh,

After a struggle and 2 RFEs, I finally got my approval march 1st week. And I got the actual copies from my employer just today.

But it has come with a shocker - the approval states thats the approval notice is valid till only till March 2014 :(.

Could you please shed some light on what I should be doing? Should I give away the opportunity? Or is there any workaround?


You will be permitted to US even with 1 day of visa validity - as long as you convince the officer at POE and have all supporting documents.

If your project goes beyond Mar 2014, you can file for H1B extn from here with cap exempt.

I agree. Talk to your employer about long term employment plans and possibility of extension beyond 2014.

You still need to go for visa stamping I suppose.