H1 approved but no stamping, can we do H1 transfer under which condition

Hi Everyone/Saurabh,

If H1 gets approved by September and Stamping is NOT done by current companyA. Since no open position until next mid year.

CompanyB is ready to send to US immd. with H1 transfer.  In this case, Can I shift to companyB without doing stamping with just H1 approval from company A.?

If yes, and if companyA comes to know this, what is the position of my H1B.

 My Query:

	Company A, Will they stop sponsoring my H1B or cancel it?

	If yes, CompanyA would cancel/stop my H1b sponsor then company B is doing H1 transfer right. So, can’t my H1b be valid?.

	Any duration required between Company A cancelling my H1B and Company B initiating H1B transfer.

	For example if Company A cancel request reaches to USCIS by November 15th 2013 and  Comapny B starts my H1B transfer by November 1st 2013 could it still transfer my H1 and get it apporved, even after Company A stops sponsoring and what happens on Vice-Versa case?

	what would be the  ideal time for me to shift to company B . Is it at once i get the H1B transfer receipt i can shift or only after getting H1B transfer approval by Compnay B?

Expecting your kind replies,
Thanks in Advance for all your precious time in solving our confusions.

1, 2. They can withdraw their approved petition. However, that doesn’t impact the processing of B’s petition

  1. Nothing required

  2. Yes, it can still be processed

  3. If it gives you confidence then wait to get B’s approval notice. It can be applied in PP to get quicker result.

Hi Pradeep,

Even my current employer is not having project and i got my wp approved for 1 years only. As i don’t want to waste it here with my current employer. i am also looking for another employer.
Are you a Sap consultant?
If yes, Please help me in finding such opportunity.

Many Thanks